The idea for our HELD4YOU cling pad came across to us during a car ride on a hot summer’s day. The lack of sufficient space for depositing our sun glasses, parking ticket, tissues, mobile phone and chewing gums inspired us to think about how a convenient item had to be designed in order to have stylish looks whilst at the same time holding all things firmly in place? The result was HELD4YOU… Like an additional hand to hold whatever needs to be held, our pad offers countless creative ways of holding and keeping all kinds of everyday items firmly in place.

The upmarket appearance of the HELD4YOU pad was highly important to us. At the same time, however, we wanted it to match every user and, as tastes differ, we have set our sights on the development of a highly large variety of designs. Therefore, the pad has been customised for you, or 4YOU… Our cling pad does not only hold the design of your choice, but above that, all the things you want to be HELD4YOU.