Made in Germany

About us

The HELD4YOU GmbH is a young and vibrant enterprise. Our HELD4YOU pads were first launched in 2014. Orignally we started in the business consumers’ segment as our pads are extremely well suited for utilisation as state-of-the-art means of advertising.They are up-to-date, e.g., for use with smartphones and tablets and exhibit a large surface which is predestined for the placement of our customer’s corporate message.

Simultaneously, we worked on the set-up of an e-shop for private customers. Right from the very first moment, our friends and the first HELD4YOU users developed a creativity unhoped for and thus tested a sheer endless variety of possible applications for our pad. Their feedback became our motivation to make our HELD4YOU pads accessible for everybody via e-shop as soon as possible.
Beside the classic application as a cling pad in the car, an entirely new, pronounced trend soon emerged. The HELD4YOU pad is quite often used to make selfies or videos and by this means let friends or familiy participate in cooking, sports or other activities via camera.

In order to keep our customers up to date at all times, we keep working constantly on developing new designs and very much look forward to present a variety of Style Lines in our shop within the oncoming next months. Discover Style Line themes such as Landscape, Cities, Statements, Cartoons, ….and many more.

We take particular pride in the fact that product development as well as all printing, processing and all production stages take place exclusively in Germany. Moreover, we like to emphasize that HELD4YOU is by no means a disposable product but a long-life product which will last for many years. Our decision to opt for “Made in Germany” was not only led by our quality standards but even more by the idea of developing and designing from scratch a product which will last over a long period of time.